Company mode completion in Spacemacs

While I don’t use the Spacemacs emacs config, it’s silly to say there aren’t some cool things in there. Especially if you’re thinking about switching from Vim to Emacs.

Auto-completion isn’t on by default, but you can get it up and running fairly easily.

In your .spacemacs config, you add the layer:


To turn it on. You’ll also need to add this to your dotspacemacs/user-config:

(global-company-mode t)

In the video you’ll see there are a couple of handy key bindings set to filter the completion candidates.

Binding Description
Ctrl-/ Search/Filter candidates (using Helm)
Meta-Ctrl-/ Search/Filter candidates in place

For the second filter, the search string you enter is displayed in the middle of in the mode-line.

Thanks go out to Evan N-D/@futuro and @Cassiel-Girl on for helping me find out about these filter options.