Custom key bindings

When I record EmacsGifs I try to avoid using these key bindings, but chances are my gonzo recording style means I’ll probably slip up every now and then.

Of course, if I’m showing you something that has no standard key bindings and I have something useful set here already, I’ll use them.

Please bear in mind these have been assembled over many years and while I’ve added many to muscle memory, there will probably be several I set up and completely forgotten about. There will also be a few duplicates, but I’ll probably remove those in most cases.

I’ve listed bucky-bits (i.e. modifier keys: Ctrl / Meta / Super / Hyper) in a non-Emacsen way so that they’re easier to read for people new to Emacs.

TODO: I’ll add hyperlinks to commands to help you learn more about them.

Global bindings

Key name Command Comments
Meta-Return ac-auto-complete-mode-start  
Ctrl-c Space ace-jump-mode  
Ctrl-x g ag-hydra/body  
Ctrl-x / align-regexp  
Super-% anzu-query-replace-at-cursor  
Meta-Ctrl-% anzu-query-replace-regexp was query-eplace-regexp
Meta-% anzu-query-replace was query-replace
Ctrl-x Ctrl-a append-to-file  
Ctrl-c q auto-fill-mode  
Super-f avy-commands/body  
Meta-s c c avy-copy-line  
Meta-s c r avy-copy-region  
Meta-s s i avy-goto-char-in-line  
Meta-s s c avy-goto-char  
Meta-s s l avy-goto-line  
Meta-s Meta-s w avy-goto-word-0  
Meta-s s w avy-goto-word-or-subword-1  
Meta-s c m avy-move-line  
Meta-s z t avy-zap-to-char  
Meta-s z u avy-zap-up-to-char  
Home beginning-of-line was move-beginning-of-line
Ctrl-c Ctrl-x t case-transform/body  
Meta-; comment-dwim-2 was comment-dwim
Super-Return completion-at-point  
Ctrl-tab completion-at-point  
Ctrl-c Meta-c copy-region-or-rest-of-line-to-other-window  
Super-c cua-copy-region  
Super-x cua-cut-region  
Super-v cua-paste  
Ctrl-x r u cua-set-rectangle-mark  
Ctrl-c Meta-- decrease-default-font-height  
Hyper-Backspace delete-char  
Super-w delete-frame  
Super-4 delete-other-windows-vertically  
Super-1 delete-other-windows  
Super-0 delete-window  
ESC Meta-i describe-thing-at-point  
ESC Meta-p describe-thing-in-popup  
C-c Meta-d dired-menu  
Super-Up duplicate-current-line-or-region-up  
Super-Down duplicate-current-line-or-region  
Ctrl-c Meta-h edit-handy-functions  
Ctrl-c Meta-i edit-init-el  
Ctrl-x r a embrace-add  
Ctrl-x r c embrace-change was clear-rectangle
Ctrl-x r d embrace-delete was delete-rectangle
End end-of-line was move-end-of-line
Hyper-Right end-of-line  
Ctrl-Meta-. enlarge-window-horizontally was xref-find-apropos
Ctrl-x x er/expand-region  
Ctrl-x ESC e eval-buffer  
Meta-ESC e eval-buffer  
Meta-i evil-mode was tab-to-tab-stop
Super-F file-commands/body  
Super-p find-file-at-point  
Super-o find-file  
ESC Meta-g find-function-at-point  
ESC Meta-k find-function-on-key-other-window  
ESC Meta-v find-variable-at-point  
Super-l goto-line  
Super-/ hippie-expand  
Ctrl-c s hydra-smerge/body  
F14 ibuffer  
Ctrl-x Ctrl-d ido-dired was list-directory
Ctrl-c ; iedit-mode  
Ctrl-c Meta-= increase-default-font-height  
Ctrl-x \ indent-buffer  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-x i insert-buffer-base-filename  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-x d insert-iso8601-date  
Super-i ispell-complete-word  
Meta-Super-i ispell-word  
Ctrl-^ join-line-from-below  
Ctrl-x k kill-current-buffer was kill-buffer
Super-k kill-this-buffer  
ESC Meta-d kill-whole-word  
Meta-Hyper-Backspace kill-word  
Super-\ linum-mode  
Meta-Super-l load-library  
Ctrl-x Ctrl-Meta-Down mac-set-frame-bottom-w100-h50-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Super-Up mac-set-frame-center-w50-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Super-Down mac-set-frame-center-w75-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Super-Left mac-set-frame-left-w25-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Ctrl-Meta-Left mac-set-frame-left-w50-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Left mac-set-frame-left-w66-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Super-Right mac-set-frame-right-w30-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Ctrl-Meta-Right mac-set-frame-right-w50-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Right mac-set-frame-right-w66-h100-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Down mac-set-frame-to-footer  
Ctrl-x Ctrl-Meta-Up mac-set-frame-top-w100-h50-percent  
Ctrl-x Meta-Up mac-toggle-kiosk-mode  
F15 magit-status  
Meta-&124; magit-status was tmm-menubar
Super-a mark-whole-buffer  
Ctrl-< mc/mark-all-like-this  
Ctrl-> mc/mark-next-like-this  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-< mc/mark-previous-like-this  
Super-g minibuffer-keyboard-quit  
Meta-Super-/ my-multi-occur-in-matching-buffers  
Return newline-and-indent was newline
Super-Right next-buffer  
Ctrl-Shift-o open-line-above  
Ctrl-o open-line-below was open-line
Ctrl-~ other-frame  
Super-~ other-frame  
Meta-o w other-window  
F13 overwrite-mode  
Super-} paren-completer-add-all-delimiters  
Super-] paren-completer-add-single-delimiter  
Super-Left previous-buffer  
Ctrl-x p projectile-find-file  
Meta-P projectile-find-file  
Meta-p projectile-find-file  
Super-t projectile-find-file  
Super-r region-commands/body  
Super-u revert-buffer  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-l rotate-layout  
Super-7 rotate-layout  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-w rotate-window  
Super-8 rotate-window  
Super-s save-buffer  
Super-q save-buffers-kill-emacs  
Hyper-Up scroll-down-command  
Hyper-Down scroll-up-command  
Ctrl-c = set-default-font-height  
Super-| shell-command-on-region-replace  
Ctrl-Meta-, shrink-window-horizontally  
Ctrl-a smart-beginning-of-line was move-beginning-of-line
Hyper-Left smart-beginning-of-line  
Meta-X smex-major-mode-commands  
Meta-x smex was execute-extended-command
Ctrl-x r Shift-Right sp-backward-barf-sexp  
Ctrl-x r Shift-Left sp-backward-slurp-sexp  
Ctrl-x r Right sp-forward-barf-sexp  
Ctrl-x r Left sp-forward-slurp-sexp  
Ctrl-x r j sp-join-sexp was jump-to-register
Ctrl-x r r sp-rewrap-sexp was copy-rectangle-to-register
Ctrl-x r s sp-split-sexp was copy-to-register
Super-3 split-window-horizontally  
Super-2 split-window-vertically  
Ctrl-Shift-s swiper  
Super-b switch-to-buffer  
F12 switch-to-minibuffer-window  
Ctrl-` switch-window  
Ctrl-x o switch-window was other-window
Super-' switch-window  
Super-` switch-window  
Super-- text-scale-decrease  
Super-= text-scale-increase  
Shift-Super-Return toggle-fullscreen  
Super-z undo  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-u undo-tree-visualize  
Ctrl-x n g which-key-mode  
Ctrl-h Meta-t which-key-show-top-level  
Super-S write-file  
Super-R write-region  
Meta-Z zap-to-char  
Meta-z zap-up-to-char was zap-to-char
ESC Meta-Z zap-up-to-regexp  
ESC Meta-z zap-up-to-string  


Key name Command Comments
Ctrl-c Ctrl-r coffee-compile-region was coffee-send-region
Ctrl-c Ctrl-, coffee-indent-shift-left  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-. coffee-indent-shift-right  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-\ coffee-toggle-fatness  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-n flymake-goto-next-error  
Ctrl-c Ctrl-p flymake-goto-prev-error  


Key name Command Comments
F my-dired-find-file was: dired-do-find-marked-files
W wdired-change-to-wdired-mode  


Key name Command Comments
L browse-web  


Key name Command Comments
Meta-s Meta-s avy-isearch  


Key name Command Comments
Ctrl-c Ctrl-c insert-semi-colon-at-eol  


Key name Command Comments
Ctrl-c # ruby-make-interpolated-string-at-point-or-region  
Ctrl-c { ruby-toggle-block  
Ctrl-c + ruby-toggle-hash-syntax  
Ctrl-c : ruby-toggle-symbol-at-point  


Key name Command Comments
Ctrl-c m markdown-mode